BellAcre launched with one core purpose;


To deliver above-average returns, utilising discretionary trading strategies based on a risk-controlled methodology that aims to protect the underlying asset.


Believing that the effective risk management of capital is instrumental in delivering returns, BellAcre launched with a team who shared the same vision;

Protect the asset and profit will follow.

Bellacre does not hold or trade client money.

bellacre is a proprietary trading company that only trades shareholder capital. bellacre does not have clients, nor does it solicit capital investment.

Our business model allows us to be predictive, adaptive, and responsive to market conditions.

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Important notice;

Bellacre is a proprietary trading company.

Bellacre does not hold or trade client capital, nor offer investment advice.


Bellacre does not invest in unlisted companies or illiquid assets.

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