pursing continued growth

We approach the world’s financial markets with a strategy that primarily focuses on risk.

We take a probabilistic approach to global macro opportunities, utilising a variety of financial instruments across multiple asset classes.


It is our belief that the effective risk management of capital is instrumental in delivering returns, viewing risk as to the potential of loss we seek clear paths to profit while focusing on capital preservation.


With volatility in the markets creating frequent opportunities and deep liquidity pools in our chosen asset classes, we aim to maintain a low to medium risk profile while delivering consistent growth.


Fund Managers




Asset Classes



Asset Classes

Utilising a discretionary trading method we chose entry and exit points based on our fund managers' belief in market momentum.

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Equities

  • Commodities

  • Trade Finance

  • Derivatives

Utilising a methodology for creating growth, through multidisciplinary sustainable asset allocation.

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Important notice;

Bellacre is a proprietary trading company.

Bellacre does not hold or trade client capital, nor offer investment advice.


Bellacre does not invest in unlisted companies or illiquid assets.

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